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2021 East Africa Trip


PHOTOS: Salahey School  |  Vocational Students  |  Midwifery Students

The spread of the coronavirus in East Africa has seen a huge spike in recent weeks. Virtually nonexistent health care systems and dense populations have allowed it to spread unhindered in Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti and Ethiopia. The region has been faced with a very difficult quarantine effort, as large crowds in cities, markets, and religious gatherings continue to occur. Test kits are far and few between, making accurate assessments of the number of cases impossible. The actual tally of cases is likely much higher than the current numbers due to each country’s limited testing capacity. Efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus in East Africa have been markedly slow and largely unenforced. Inthe coming weeks, the number of cases is likely to increase significantly. In the meantime, the greatest responsibility has been left to the people to distance themselves and seek medical treatment. LEARN MORE >>>

COVID-19 Update


Face masks are a symbol of the pandemic era – a visual metaphor for the tiny, unseen viral foe. Around the world we all all continue to navigate this pandemic and stand in solidarity to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. AHDI looks forward to sharing information with you soon regarding a new project to sell facemasks made in Somaliland. 

Masks for Purchase


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About the Region

"Hassan Mohamed Ali is asked the same question about his homeland so often that he has it printed on the back of his business card. “Where in the world is Somaliland?” the text reads, beside a map showing the location of the self-declared state in the Horn of Africa.  

That is the trouble with being the minister of planning and national development for a country that technically doesn’t exist. Most people don’t even know where to find you. But Mr. Ali knows that Somaliland’s anonymity also gives it certain advantages. His nation, which peeled off from Somalia during its civil war in 1991, is unrecognized but stable; poor but peaceful. It has somehow cobbled together a functioning state, with a democratic government, international borders, and its own currency and passport."


Read On (Ryan Lenora Brown, How a DIY Nation has Made it this Far, Christian Science Monitor, 2020) 

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