Scholarships that provide youth with vocational skills and training to help them secure employment and become leading members of their community.



AHDI-Promise collaborates with Siig Voluntary Organization (SIVO), a local NGO partner, to identify students that are qualified for AHDI scholarships. Boys and girls age 15-21 are accepted. Each vocational school training term is 10 months and cost $60 per month. Each student receives $600 per year. 


In 2019, AHDI sponsored four young men to attend a year-long program to learn carpentry, aluminum fabrication, and electrical skills. Upon graduating, SIVO will help them secure jobs bringing their new skills to their local communities. See their work!
2021 Vocational Student Photos




Empowering young women to become skillful midwives – changing the odds for themselves and their patients.

According to the World Health Organization, a woman has a 1 in 16 chance of surviving beyond her reproductive years in Somaliland. Shifa University’s midwifery program empowers girls to become skilled community health workers with an income that will sustain them and their families.


After completing the program, the four young midwives sponsored by AHDI-Promise will return to their rural communities to volunteer their skills and knowledge for one year before they will begin providing for their families. In the countryside, midwives provide essential services to their communities. See 2021 Midwifery Student Photos.



In Somaliland, one out of every two children does not attend school. AHDI-Promise wants to change that.

In Somaliland, one out of every two children does not attend school. AHDI-Promise wants to change that.

With an ever-increasing population, where the median age is 16.7, education and employment are essential components to the nation’s success, and vocational school programs offer a promising future to the children from poor families who might have been forced into early marriages or unfulfilling work at a young age.


In collaboration with the Siig Voluntary Organization (SIVO), AHDI-promise is sponsoring the tuition for our first group of students to attend two vocational programs in Hargeisa. By learning important and necessary skills, these young men and women (ages 15-21) will graduate with the ability to earn income for themselves and their families.

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